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How to use git with some basic commands

Posted on March 31, 2017

Basic commands

  • Init: create a new repository
    git init
  • Clone: clone a repository
    • Clone a repository in local:
      git clone /path/to/repository/
    • Clone a repository in server:
      git clone username@serveraddress:/path/to/repository
  • Branch:
    • Check the current branch:
      git branch
    • Create a new branch:
      git branch <name_branch>
  • Check out:
    • Check out an existing branch:
      git checkout <name_branch>
    • Create a new branch and check it out:
      git checkout -b <name_branch>
    • Return to master branch:
      git checkout master
  • Add: update a state (add, edit, delete) of files
    • Update all:
      git add .
    • Update files with a format
      git add *.<suffix>
    • Update files with their names
      git add <name_file_1> [<name_file_2> ... <name_file_n>] 
  • Commit: Confirm and save the modifing of the project
      git commit -am '<note>'
  • Push: Update the modifing of project on server
    • The branch exists
      git push origin <name_branch>
    • The branch doesn’t exist
      git remote add origin <server>
      git push origin <name_branch>
  • Fetch: Get the latest code on server and overwrite the source on local
    git fetch <name_branch>
  • Pull: Get the latest code on server and merge with the code on local
    git pull <name_branch>

Thanks for reading. If you have some questions, feel free to ask me.
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